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PostPosted: March 5th, 2016, 1:05 pm 
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I've got to say, that there has been a lot of talk about vets getting spit on or abused in other ways upon returning to the world after Vietnam. One guy wrote a book saying that because there are no police reports or other recorded info substantiating these claims...and that vets had made this up in the 1980's to get sympathy. One allegation surfaced that as bad-assed as Vietnam Vets were upon returning home, it is believed that the spitters would have literally gotten their asses kicked. So, because there's no never happened?

In my personal case, I was spit on when going to the Seattle airport and having to pass through a gauntlet of hippies standing at the main entrance. I was stunned and continued moving with the flow of soldiers moving inside. I already felt dejected by all the posters and signs and just wanted to get home to my family.

Once I was on the plane flying home to Detroit, I was treated with courtesy and respect which continued through the terminal when reaching home. I did lose some friends that I had before going, but that was no big deal. I did write more about this on my website. To read the enire article, please click on this link: ... -veterans/

What about you, reader? If you're a Nam vet, what was your homecoming REALLY like when returning from the Nam?

PostPosted: March 5th, 2016, 2:55 pm 
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I also came home through Sea Tac at 3am on a drizzly night in the summer of 69. As we unloaded I saw a fence on the left with a lot of people holding insulting signs and yelling stuff like "baby murderers", "drug crazed psychos" etc. They were trying to spit on us but were too far away. On the right side was another fence with lots of people with signs like "welcome home" and "thank you for your service". Two totally different groups at 3am in the rain dedicated to making sure we got their messages. One good and one bad. A total surprise to me that they were there.
I remember months later while looking for a job I would truthfully answer the question's about being a veteran and fighting in nam. often learning I was a combat namvet ended the interview. To my surpise there was a law passed banning job discriminating against Vietnam Veterans just like no job discrimination against blacks. Being a combat namvet in the "peace and love" days was very unpopular.

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